The challenge was to create a vector illustration of a Fender Jaguar Bass to use in conceptual advertising materials, both print and digital.


I used a photograph of a Fender Jaguar bass guitar as the basis for my illustration. I created a vector illustration through the use of layers in Illustrator, down to the screws and hardware, using my knowledge of lighting and reflection to create a realistic looking image close to that of a photograph. I then expanded the original illustration which was a Sunburst color to include two more color options, Fire Red and Silverburst.

image comparison

For digital/web I created a sliding Instagram carousel ad. The ad itself is two seamless panels that when viewed on Instagram show only the first half of the ad until the user slides it to see the remaining portion. I also mocked up how the illustrations could be used on the website for product viewing and selection.


The typeface used for the tagline in the advertising campaign is Contralto. I chose this because of it’s modern-classic look; it combines geometric shapes with humanist elements that reflects the striking and recognizable look of Fender guitars. Source Sans Pro, a clean and friendly sans-serif typeface with a variety of font options, is used for the body copy.


The blue and pink gradient was created with the typical “boy” and “girl” colors in mind, as the campaign tagline is “Music is for everyone.” The idea is to counteract not only the lack of female representation in the music gear industry, but also the use of women typically as ornaments in guitar and music gear advertising, rather than buyers of the product. The color blend is also a nod to the transgender flag (soft pink and blue stripes with a white stripe in the middle), as transgender (and non-binary) people are underrepresented in this space as well. The gradient is soft, muted and modern, and creates a contrasting backdrop to the image of the bass guitar. The typeface color is dark purple to mimic the look of black, but also blend both the pink and blue of the background.

The final print collateral is specification sheet for a brochure. It outlines the features of the guitar. Text and specifications are taken from the Fender website.