Stay Broke Shoot Film is a magazine concept celebrating film through the lens of music, fashion, culture and fashion. It is a quarterly magazine with a specific photographic topic covered in each issue; Polaroid, 35mm, live music photography, large format, etc. The challenge was to create a magazine that showcases a strong use of visuals, typography, and color. 


I started by sketching about 30 logotype ideas for the title. I narrowed it down to five ideas, landing on the final image below. For that logotype, I started with the font Acier BAT Text Solid, chosen for its strong, clean, geometric feel. I manipulated the typeface, removing the bowl from the “O” and the counter from the “A” to mimic the feel of a lens and a tripod. The tagline “Shoot Film” completes the illusion of a camera lens.

The main typeface for the magazine is Avenir Roman, chosen for its clean lines and readability. The secondary typeface is Palatino Bold and Regular, used for body text in articles. The colors of the magazine name and background color change with each season as it’s a quarterly magazine. The colors also complement the main imagery. For the Fall issue, the main theme is Polaroid, so I chose slightly muted shades of the colors that were featured in the cover photo to reflect the feel of a faded Polaroid. The Winter issue features cooler blue tones.

For the Helmut Newton article, I wanted to emphasize the fact that he would typically sign each of his polaroids. I turned his signature into a vector, stretching across the first spread to draw the readers eye from the title to the image, then to the text last, creating hierarchy.

The Andy Warhol spread features a whimsical typeface called Whomp for the headline to reflect the pop culture narrative of his art and photographs.

The last article is an infographic showing the rise, fall, and subsequent rise again of Polaroid film. The design elements are inspired by the camera itself; the red text circles reflect the shutter release button on the camera, and Polaroid film frames showcase each photo and corresponding text.